Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls

Aims of Uniform Policy

Girls are expected to take a pride in their personal appearance and to be as well groomed as possible. Through our uniform and dress codes we aim to:

  • Encourage pride in the school;
  • Support teaching and learning;
  • Enable students to be comfortable, safe and secure;
  • Ensure that girls of different social, religious and ethnic groups feel welcome and included;
  • Encourage a sense of equality and cohesion;
  • Protect students from social pressures to dress in a particular way.

In this way the uniform and dress code contribute to overall aims of the school.

All pupils in Years 7 to 11 wear school uniform. Parental co-operation is vital in maintaining high standards and is greatly appreciated.

School Uniform List

  • Approved style Navy blue blazer with school crest (to be worn at all times);
  • Either - Approved style Navy blue skirt – made from a firm, woven material. (Not jersey or corduroy). The style should be simple, either A-line, pleated (but not kilt style) or straight (but without a slit) and of a length appropriate for school wear. It should be no shorter than 5cms above mid-knee and no longer than mid-calf;
  • Or -Approved style navy blue school trousers – straight-legged tailored, school trousers only from our recommended suppliers;
  • Approved style cream blouse. Our preferred styles are available from Clive Marks and Gogna Schoolwear;
  • Navy or black shoes which fit well and have low block heels (no higher than 5cms). Sling-back shoes and sandals, exercise sandals, mules or boots of any style are not allowed.
  • Please note that in, response to some queries , we would like to clarify that trainer type footwear is not permitted and neither are any coloured stitching labels, or logos. If in doubt please check with the appropriate head of year.
  • Tights/socks – opaque, navy or black, or flesh coloured tights or navy or white ankle or knee high socks. Over the knee socks are not permitted
Optional items:
  • Navy blue V-necked jumper with embroidered school crest* to be worn in addition to blazer not instead of it.
  • Navy scarf for neck and navy gloves.

Additional items

  • Outer clothing, in addition to the blazer, should be a plain navy blue/black raincoat, coat or anorak which should be removed on arrival in school;
  • Casual clothing including sweat tops, leather, mock leather, denim and denim style garments, is not allowed;
  • Bag – plain bag, preferably dark. Suitable for carrying books and equipment;
  • If head scarves are worn, they should be plain navy blue/black in colour.

For Practical Subjects

  • A blue overall for use in Art, Science and Technology.
  • A plain white apron for Food Technology.

For Physical Education

  • Multi-purpose training shoes which have a good grip, not with smooth soles. Canvas pumps are not acceptable for outdoor wear but may be worn for gymnastics and dance activities. Fashion trainers such as Converse, or Vans, are not to be worn.
  • Socks are to be worn in all PE lessons, (unless told otherwise to meet the needs of the activity). Knee-length royal blue socks for hockey and football. White ankle/trainer socks for all other sporting activities.
  • Navy blue PE skirt or skort.
  • Navy shorts to wear under PE skirt, they should not show below the PE skirt. (No shiny fabric shorts)
  • Royal blue Sutton Girls’ polo-shirt.
Optional items:
  • Navy Blue or Black thick, plain sports leggings only to be worn underneath skort or PE skirt** Leggings with words or stripes/patterns down the leg are not to be worn.
  • Royal Blue PE sweatshirt**or a Sutton Girls' extra-curricular sports team hoodie (not a PGL hoodie)
  • Navy blue, plain tracksuit trousers.** No press studded trousers for safety reasons. Tracksuit bottoms with words or stripes/patterns down the leg are not to be worn.
  • Navy blue track suit with school crest.
  • Gum-shields and shin-pads are recommended by the Hockey Association, shin-pads are recommended by the F.A. for football and the school endorses this advice.
  • The school does provide hockey sticks and tennis rackets. However, pupils may provide their own if they so wish.
  • Leotards may be worn for gymnastics and dance.
  • Jazz/gym shoes, or canvas pumps, may be worn for gymnastics and dance activities.

* ‘Optional’ means the item need not be worn but if worn must be in prescribed colour and style.

** Although optional, these items are strongly recommended for outdoor PE lessons, particularly in the winter months.

Additional requirements

  • If hair is tied back, it should be with a scrunchie, hairband, clip or ribbon that is plain blue or natural hair coloured, ie black, brown, white/cream.
  • Extreme hairstyles and/or any shaving of hair are not permitted.
  • Beading and unnatural hair colouring are not permitted; the interpretation of ‘unnatural’ is as follows:
    a colour that is not found within the natural hair colour spectrum, i.e. a bright, extreme or vivid colour and contrasts.
  • Jewellery: the only piercings are for wearing earrings. One single small stud in each ear is permitted; the stud must be worn in the lower part of the earlobe and should be removed for PE and dance lessons. Students wearing studs in their ears, other than in their lobes, will be expected to remove them. A watch and simple plain ring are allowed. No other jewellery should be visible.
  • Nail varnish is not permitted
  • Garments covering the face or whole body are not permitted.
  • Make up is permitted but it MUST be DISCREET and SUITABLE FOR SCHOOL..